Glowby Fiberoptic Hair Decoration Glowbys
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Fiber Optic Hair Decorations

Glowbys are a small barrette with a spray of fiber optic fibers coming out of one side.

The barrette holds the batteries that power the LED light that illuminates the fibers. 


           TWO TYPES
With Switch    Without Switch
Fibers are straight   Fibers are slightly curved
Battery pack is slightly larger   Battery pack is slightly smaller
Can be clipped on, and switched   Lights up as soon as it is clipped on
Stores easily in off position when not in use   Must be carefully stored between uses
Requires small screwdriver to replace batteries   Screwdriver required only for first battery change


Batteries start to get dim in about 8 hours and are replaceable. The fibers can be cut, and styled to fit into your hair, wig, hat, corsage, or floral arrangement.

Glowbys look great at night. Stand out at a night club, sparkle at Burning Man, add some fun glow to a music festival, make your prom hairstyle sizzle, or enhance your wedding table's center piece.

Lady Gaga made a wig with Fiber Optics in it to make it glow.  Add Glowbys to get the same look to your hair.  See her video here:

See this page for more info.


  • White - Bright white
  • Blue - Brilliant bright blue
  • Aqua- Sea Green or Blue-Green color, beautiful and bright, but discontinued color, limited quantities.
  • Pink - Bright pink
  • Green - Very bright green
  • Red - Vivid, bright red
  • Gold - Medium golden yellow w/ orange tinge
  • Rainbow - Cycles/flashes through Red, Green, Blue; very popular
  • SLOW Rainbow - Changes and blends through all colors slowly.  See video below.

The fibers are cut to random lengths, with the longest fiber 14 inches long. There are 50 to 60 fibers in each Glowby. Uses two CR1220 batteries which are included.

We like to put Glowbys so that the fibers spray upward so that you get a fan effect that spreads the lights out around your head.  You can curl the fibers with the edge of scissors like you curl ribbon to make a bundle of glowning curls. You can put Glowbys on your hat so that they look like a feather in your cap. If you fan the fibers out under a sheer top, you will look like you have glowing sparkles on your body. Curling irons are too hot, but softer heat from a blow dryer can be used to bend the fibers if you are careful.

Here is a video on how to make a messy bun in your hair with Glowbys to light it up:

Here is a video of the Rainbow color blinking:

And, a video of the SLOW morphing Rainbow color in action:

Quantity discounts:

Buy 5 and get them for only 2.92 each,

buy 10 and get them for only 2.87 each,

buy 15 and get them for only 2.82 each,

buy 20 and get them for only 2.77 each,

buy 50 and get them for only 2.59 each,

buy 100 and get them for only 2.37 each.

Batteries are included and are replaceable.  Each Glowby uses 2 CR1220 coin batteries.    

Glowby Fiberoptic Hair Decoration

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15 or more: $2.82 each
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50 or more: $2.59 each
100 or more: $2.37 each
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