Xotic Tatas Peacock Self Adhesive Body Art
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Peacock Tatas

From Xotic Eyes

Self Adhesive Body Art that is extremely sticky

Self adhesive, reusable, dramatic breast or body wear in sparkling colors.

Very strong adhesive backing allows these body decorations to be worn for days, even in hot environments. Great for stage wear, wonderful at Burning Man, Daisy Fest favorite, and a lovely accent for your Halloween costume.

Includes one set of Tatas. (2 Pieces)

  • Very sticky
  • Can be left on for days
  • Includes 2 pieces
  • Great for Music fesivals.
  • Can exfoliate skin somewhat. May remove some spray on self tanner.

Includes the breast stickers only. The other body art is also available as a separate set.

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Xotic Tatas Peacock Self Adhesive Body Art

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