Xotic Eyes Egyptian Cleopatra
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Egyptian Cleopatra Eye

Self adhesive, reusable, dramatic eyewear

From Xotic Eyes

Very strong adhesive backing allows these eye decorations to be worn for days, even in hot environments. Great for stage wear, wonderful at Burning Man, and a lovely accent for your Halloween costume.

  • Top section is lined with golden crystals
  • Gold sections are covered with crystal sparkles
  • Get an airbrushed look in a fraction of the time
  • Completely surrounds each eye
  • Water resistant, can be worn in the water
  • Very sticky backing that won't fall off
  • New breakthrough in peal and stick backing for skin
  • Can be removed and re-used many times
  • Comfortable to wear...you can sleep in them
  • Can be worn for days without removal
  • Put them on at the start of a music festival and leave them on until it is over
  • Bedazzle your eyes for a striking night club look
  • Fabulous at Burning Man!
  • Stays on in the heat, and while dancing.
  • Can be used for Vajazzling
  • Includes eye strips ONLY
  • Does NOT include, eye lashes, eye lash glue, and Glitter paste for lids

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Here is a video on how to apply them:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7J0vFoLhQt8


Xotic Eyes Egyptian Cleopatra Card

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