Light Up Earrings
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Sparkling Cubic Zirconia Light Up Earrings

Eye catching, but not obnoxious since they are steady on and do not blink

Suitable for more elegant events

Look like Cubic Zirconia earrings when not illuminated

When they are lit they don't just sparkle like a gem, they shine

LED lighting makes them glow

Next generation of glowing adornments

Each earring uses 2 LR521, 379A, or AG0 Batteries which are included, and are replaceable

Batteries last about 50 hours

Glow very slowly fades as the batteries wear out

If the earrings are too bright, leave them on for 8 hours or more until they get to the light level that you want

Sometimes we like them to not be as a dinner party, for example. 

White, Pink, Red, Green, Blue colors available

They do not blink, Steady glow

For pierced ears, clothing that can be pierced, wigs, hats, etc.

The clutch on the back of the ear contains the tiny batteries

Push the clutch to turn the glow on, pull slightly to turn off. 

Made by Raveware, style RW1508LU

Raveware Light Up Earrings

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