Nippies Stars in Leopard and Gold
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Nippies Stars in Leopard and Gold   Each Package includes 3 sets of Smaller Size A Nippies 

Experience the freedom. Wear what you like and be confidant you're not showing more than you want. When you need a little coverage but can't (or don't want to!) wear a bra. Nippies are stylin under sheers, deep Vs, and cut up tees. No bra straps to show through or bind. Comfortable and naked feeling, even to the touch. Wear them everywhere. Beach to bedroom, dinner to dance floor, Nippies will stay on, even in the water. From sparkly color to feel good satins, Nippies are for any mood. Sexy when you show them off, or keep a little secret for that special night. Reveal the real you, be proud, love life and your body. Unique materials provide a smooth flexible fit you won't find anywhere else. Recycle. Stick to a mirror or note as a feminder of that special time. Safe, hypoallergenic medical adhesives, the best. Nippies are fun. Try them on'll see.

Nippies Stars in Leopard and Gold

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