Sexy Peacock Costume from Je T'Aime
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Sexy Peacock Costume from Je T'Aime.

Gorgeous .

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May we suggest Xotic Eyes Mazuri or Azure Eyes! Sparking Spine / Crystal Strips that you can spiral around your arms, ankles, neck or chest and the many other Xotic Peacock Body Art embelishments such as Peacock Chokers, Sleeves and Cuffs to add to your Peacock Costume! Ask us about Lighting Up your costume this Halloween with EL Wire and Glowbys!

Want to look and feel Amazing and Dazzling!!! We are experts in illuminating costumes for nightime glow and fun! We can add electrolumenecent light and fiber optics to your Peacock Costume so you can Glow, Sparkle and WOW the crowd! Contact us for details.

Je T'Aime Sexy Peacock Costume

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