Gypsy Junkies Mimi Tunic in White Eyelet Lace
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Gypsy Junkies Famous Mimi Tunic in White Eyelet Lace

  • Sheer eyelet lace
  • Tassel fringe around bottom
  • 3/4-length sleeves
  • Oversized bell sleeves with 20 inch opening
  • Drop back with criss-cross straps
  • 100% Silk
  • Hand wash cold
  • 2 sizes, Small/Medium, and Medium/Large
  • Style number SS13-21
  • Photos show the details of this tunic in other colors, which are also available

           Size Small/Medium has the following measurements in inches:

Length: 30" at longest point on sides, in the middle is 26 inches

Bust: 34"

Waist: 36"

Bottom Opening: 58"

Sleeve Length: Shortest on outside edge is 18", longest is 25"


Size Medium/Large has the folowing measurements in inches:

Length:  Longer at the sides, 35", at the middle is 30"

Bust:  36 inches

Waist:  38 inches

Bottom Opening:  60"

Sleeve Length:  Shortest point is 19", Longest point is 27"



Gypsy Junkies Mimi Tunic in White Eyelet Lace

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