Glowing Fiberoptic Decorations for Bottles at parties, weddings, etc.
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Glowing Fiberoptic Decorations for Bottles

Add some sparkle to your Party or Holiday table.

Attaches to nearly any bottle - wine, champagne, liquor, soda and more. 
Bottlebeams can be attached before or after opening the bottle - even while

The base of the fibers attaches around
the outside of the bottleneck and no part of the fibers or base come in contact with the liquid
contents.  Just pull the elastic over the bottleneck while rotating the fibers
upright.  The elastic is optimized for the most common bottleneck diameter of
1.2", but will fit almost any bottle size.

Can also be attached to many other objects including floral arrangements, candelabras, fingers, and hair. 

 Batteries included.  Each one uses 3 AG13 batteries which last about 30 hours and are replaceable.

Available in White or the Rainbow color which changes continuously from red to green to blue.

 Here is a video that shows the Rainbow in action:


Glowing Fiberoptic Decorations for Bottles

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