EL Wire Stick Figure costume
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Glowing stick figure costume kit


Ready to attach to your clothing

Just add batteries, and glow!


  • 5 pieces of EL wire 30 inches long for the legs, arms and head
  • 1 Piece of EL wire 24 inches long fo the body
  • 1 inverter to make it glow that uses 2 AA Batteries
  • Connectors to hook everything together
  • Fully assembled and tested in USA

Glows for hours

Easily replaceable AA Batteries

Bendable, and can be cut

Fits one adult, and can be cut or curled for a child

There is a button on the side of the battery box to turn it off, or to steady on, or to blink fast or slow.

These costumes really stand out in a dark environment. They look great at Burning Man, for example.

You can attach the wire to your body or clothing. We often use an inexpensive painter's suit or coverall and attach the wire to it permanently. When we want to be stick people, we just slip into the suit. You can attach it to any clothing with needle and thread, with glue, with staples, with a Buttoneer, or with clear tape.  The connectors allow you to unplug the leg portion of the costume so that you can pull your pants down to use the restroom. 

Many people like to add additional EL Wire or fiber optics to make their costume more complex and colorful. See our add ons HERE

There are a lot of videos on YouTube of stick figure costumes in action, for example:

Stick Figure couple 

Cute Susie

What is EL Wire?

It is plastic coated wire that glows when you turn it on. It is bendable and will hold its shape. It is about 2.2 mm in diameter, about the same thickness as spaghetti. It has a small battery pack on one end to make it light up. The two AA batteries are easy to replace without tools.

 See more light up items here:  http://www.divabelladesigns.com/nightglow.htm


Colors available are: White, Pink, Red, Orange, Yellow, Lime Green, Green, Blue/Green, Blue, and Purple.  See color samples HERE

Look Fabulous at your local ELECTRIC RUN!

EL Wire Stick Figure Costume

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