EL Wire Felt Flower Body decoration and fashion accent
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Flower that glows

  • Felt flower with glowing EL wire
  • Handcrafted
  • Glows for hours
  • One Replaceable AAA battery lasts 8 to 10 hours
  • High tech fashion accent
  • These amazing flowers glow.
  • Has a Pin on the back
  • Attach to Hat, Clothes, or Hair

Each one is unique, handcrafted by artists in the USA. They have a small battery pack attached to the flower that holds one AAA battery inside. The battery is not included. The flower and battery pack each have a locking pin on the back, to attach them to your clothes, hat, or hair. Light weight, only about two ounces. About 5 inches across.

What is EL Wire?

It is plastic coated wire that glows when you turn it on. It is bendable and will hold its shape. It is about 2.2 mm in diameter, about the same thickness as spaghetti. The battery box is black, and small; about 2 inches long, by 1 inch wide, by a half an inch thick. There is a connector so that you can unplug the flower from the battery box. This allows you to feed the wire through a hole in your hat or clothes, so that the flower can be outside while the battery is hidden inside. There is a switch on the side of the battery box to turn it off, or to steady on, or to blink mode.



Colors available are:  Red, Pink, Aqua, Lime green, Purple


See more glow items here:  http://www.divabelladesigns.com/nightglow.htm


EL Wire Felt Flower

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